Milan Area Schools

The city of Milan, which encompasses a total of 3.4 square miles, was founded in 1831 and is located in the Southeastern Counties of Washtenaw and Monroe in the State of Michigan. Located between the cultural and commercial hubs of Ann Arbor, MI and Toledo, OH, Milan has both rural and suburban areas.

The Milan School District embraces nearly 90 square miles and serves households in both Washtenaw and Monroe Counties. The district is proud to note that its staff is made up of both veteran teachers and those new to the profession, all of whom are highly qualified. The four school buildings that comprise the Milan Area School District operate as schools-of-choice facilities and consistently enroll students from four surrounding counties. The district offers exceptional educational programs to over 2,200 students ranging from preschool age to grade twelve.

The community is proud of the scholastic and extracurricular accomplishments of its students. School activities serve as an important part of the overall student experience and provide social activities for the entire community.

Telephone: 734-439-5050

Fax: 734-439-5083

Contact: Bryan Girbach, Superintendent ([email protected])

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