The Great ARTdoors – community art project

Many of us have been stuck at home for an unusual amount of time this winter. Who doesn’t want to get outside and see something new? Arriving mid-June, you will see something entirely new installed all over Milan as we unveil an amazing community art project who’s name says it all: The Great ARTdoors!

We hope to have over 100 different residential doors that have been recycled or donated by community members. People are pulling doors out of the back of their sheds, their basements, garages, and barns. They have hauled in their doors if they could and they called for us to come and get them when they couldn’t. Got Doors? It’s not too late to donate! Email [email protected] to arrange to donate your doors.

Got doors?

Would you and your friends, or group like to paint a Great ARTdoor? Express yourself with a door of your choosing? You can even bring your own, or we will provide you with a door. The entry fee includes the door, paint, studio time at the Workhorse garage (Dexter and County Streets). You can get more info, sign up, and pay here.

Check out the studio work time here. Remember that you can also take home an acrylic paint palette with your door.

Sign-up for studio time is here.